Easy Ways to Be Happier

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Many times people ask themselves “What Constitutes Success” and what is an Easy Ways to Be Happier? Here are Easy Ways to Be Happier in your life.

Bessie A. Stanley
Easy Ways to Be Happier from Bessie A. Stanley’s poem on “What Constitute Success”.

In 1905 Bessie Anderson Stanley wrote a poem for an essay contest carried on by George Livingston Richards Co of Boston, MA answered that exact question. If you would like to know what constitutes success for yourself this is worth reading. I have also made a video of it too.

Bessie A. Stanley ended up winning the contest and won $250.00 for doing so. She had beaten out several hundred entries from around the United States and pleased her husband who was the first person to encourage Bessie to take on such a task.

Her poem is admired by most whom have read it. It regularly is credited to others for its authorship. One notable person mistakenly crediting another, besides the true author, was Dear Abby. Abby credited Ralph Waldo Emerson for the poem on “What Constitutes Success”. Not so Abby!

Find out what constitute success by watching and reading the enclosed poem by Bessie A. Stanley. If followed I believe you will be a happier person with a successful life, and the World will be a better place for us all.

Please remember, only you can make yourself successful. Read more…

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