Types of Roofs for SF Bay Homes in Woodside, CA

Types of Roofs for SF Bay Homes in Woodside, CA

The living room was raining cats and dogs. Buckets were everywhere trying to stop all the rain water from flooding the home. The homeowners is devastated and scared their savings will be depleted. It could have been different had they know what to expect from the main protecting system of their home. Want to know why? Read more…

Types of Roofs for SF Bay Homes in Woodside, CA

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Types of Roofs for SF Bay Homes in Woodside, CA

The roof of a home is both personal and functional. The purpose of a roof is to protect the occupants from animals. Roofs keeps the weather out including rain, heat, wind, and sunlight. The biggest purpose is the framing of any roof will support the rest of the structure of the home. Please read more about that sneaky enemy, weather here.

It’s obvious the roof is an important part of a home. The type of roof is as personal as the roof covering. Below I am going to list some of the main roofs you will see on SF Bay Homes in Woodside, CA.

The Mansard Roof is the least desirable for SF Bay Homes. It’s a roof with four sloping sides, which go vertically on the home. The top part of a Mansard Roof is a flat roof usually made of tar and gravel.

The Hip Roof is the most common of roofs. It pitches on two sides with a ridge board going the length of the home. The framing for the hip roof is nailed along the ridge board. The framing of the Hip Roof extends over the home and allows space for rain gutters.

The Skillion Roof are found on more modern homes as it fits the design of modern architecture. Sometimes a Skillion Roof is the type of roof for a room or patio off a Flat Roof. It is a single sloped roof.

The Flat Roof is the design as the easiest to build. On the other hand it is the hardest to keep up by the homeowner. Problems with Flat Roofs include difficulty in getting the roof level so water runs off properly during the raining season. Life expectancy is half that of most other roofs like the composition roofs made of tar and gravel shingle material. In recent years the form Flat Roof has addressed the short life expectancy of the traditional Flat Roof and are more efficient.

There are several other type roofs, however, they are not used as often as the roofs listed above. The other roofs are; Gambrel, Saltbox, Pyramid, Bonnett, Cross Gabled, and the aesthetic appealing Arched Roof.

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