Chinese New Year 2014 Horse

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The 15-Day Celebration of Chinese New Year 

Lantern Festival Parade Chinese New Year 2013 Snake

Chinese New Year 2014 Horse 馬. The Chinese celebrate the first day of the lunar New Year by not eating meat as they believe this will bring them long and happy lives. The celebration is to welcome the Gods from heaven and earth.

On the second day the Chinese focus on their kindness on Dogs. The belief is the second day is the birthday of all dogs. They also pray to their ancestors and all the Gods.

The 3rd and 4th days are  for son-in-laws to go a pay respect to their in-laws or parents-in-laws.

On the 5th day everyone stays home and do not visit family or friends as they believe this will bring bad luck to everyone. The day called Po Woo and this is the day the God of Wealth comes and visits them.

The next 5 days the Chinese visiting family and friends. They also visit their temples and pray for good fortune and health.

The 7th day is for Farmers to show their produce to the community. Traditionally, the farmers make a seven type drink to give to the community as part of their celebration The day considered the birthday of all humans. The noodle is also eaten in belief it will promote long life combined with raw fish to insure success in their lives.

On the 8th day a large reunion of the family gathers around the table for dinner. At the stroke of midnight everyone prays to Tian Gong their God of Heaven.

Drums Chinese New Year 2013 Snake

All the offerings to the Jade Emperor take up the 9th day.

Feasting on rich food continues with family and friends for the next 3 days. After all the eating of the rich foods on the 13th day cleansing the system with the eating of simple food of rice congee and mustard green called choi sum.

The preparations for the Lantern Festival on the 14th day take up most of their time. They want everything to be perfect on the 15th day, which is the Lantern Festival and starts at night. Chinese New Year 2013 Snake

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