Top Ten Reasons Why Homes Sell For More Money

Top Ten Reasons Why Homes Sell For More Money

Ever notice how some homes sell for higher prices than the home up the street from it? There is a reason for this and this post will give what they do that the home up the street didn’t.

Below you will find the Top Ten Reasons Why Homes Sell For More Money. By following these tips you too can be one of those home sellers who get a higher price for their home. Buyers today are not content buying a home that does not seem inviting to them, unless they buy the home at a steep discount.

These tips will work for both the money strapped home seller as well as a home seller who has good resources to hire someone to do these 10 Insider-Tips for them.

  1. First and the most important is Get Rid Of Your Stuff!  We Americans have way more material stuff than anyone else in the world.  Get rid of it when selling either through garage sale, give away, donations. If you must keep your stuff, store if somewhere besides your home.

Less clutter give a feeling of open space and room to move.  Pack away 75% of your books. Remove all the refrigerator magnets. De-clutter all counters throughout the house, all your floor space, and your closets.  You are selling your home because you are moving, so start packing.

  1. Clean And Organize Garage, Attic, and Yards Including Patios.  You can get boxes from various sources for free like paper boxes at printing shops or your office. You can buy boxes at any Office Supply Store or even a U-Haul depot.  Costco has plastic bins that work great too. Once you box up your stuff store them in an orderly manner out-of-the-way.  It is best to store them off site.  Remember, there’s a place for everything and everything has its place.
  1. Paint Interior And Exterior With Neutral Colors.  Don’t forget the trim and moldings. Use current color schemes that new home-buyers prefer in today’s real estate market.
  1. Update, Repair, And Paint.  Kitchen and cabinets. You don’t need to paint the inside but the outside surfaces are a must.  Use a light or white color. The light color will also make the kitchen look bigger.
  1. Bathroom Duty.  Along with the kitchen the bathroom needs to look crisp and clean. Re-grout bathroom tile if steam cleaning does not do the trick. If needed re-glaze the bathtub. Change out the plumbing fixtures along with the electrical fixtures, plugs, and switches for an updated look.
  1. Hardware Care.  Change all the electrical switch and plug covers throughout the house with one color for all. Replace rusty door hinges don’t paint as that will make it look worse. Add new cabinet knobs in the kitchen and bathrooms, but stay neutral and modern.
  1. Fix The Floors.  Re-finish hardwood floors if polishing and buffing doesn’t bring them back to life. Steam-clean the carpet. Replace old school vinyl linoleum with new light color squares or linoleum.
  1. What About The Lighting.  Change out-dated fixtures with new ones.  If any of them  don’t work properly, replace them. If the fixtures don’t seem to give enough light try adding a higher watt bulb. Remember, brightness is good when selling a home.
  1. Bring Out The Big Guns To Clean.  Clean every nook and cranny in every room of your home. Don’t forget the corners, the cracks and the carpets. Wash the windows and screens. If the blinds are in state of disrepair remove and replace them.

Clean windows will allow light in and make the room bright. If you can afford it, hire a cleaning crew to do all of this cleaning.  You will thank yourself when you go to bed that night without a sore back.

  1. New Front Door. You will only have one chance to make a first impression. You don’t need to go and buy an expensive front door. Fix and paint your existing front door so it shines if a great idea.  Spend some extra time to make sure your front door is perfect! One last important note…make sure the door bell works.
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