Products For Your Home To Save Energy

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Products For Your Home To Save Energy

There are a number of home energy products available that can help you cut your monthly utility costs.  And as an added bonus, you don’t always have to spend a lot to buy them.  Here are some examples of such “small-ticket” items:

  • Shower timers: A simple countdown timer is a daily reminder to be water-wise and an easy way to cut the hot-water bill. Other options include water-tracking gadgets that alert you when time’s up, and devices that slow and then stop water flow after a preset time.
  • “Smart” power strips: Advanced versions of traditional power strips automatically “pull the plug” on idle devices.  They typically use timers, occupancy sensors, or load sensors.  The latter shuts off designated outlets when the “control device” turns off or enters sleep mode.
  • Power timers: Single-socket timers reduce standby power as well.  Simply select a time interval and press start.  When the timer runs out, your outlet power will turn off.
  • Infrared thermometers: A thermal leak detector is another product that can help you save.  Use it to find hidden energy leaks and to check proper operation of your HVAC system and fridge/freezer temps to make sure optimal efficiency and head off costly repairs.
  • Refrigerator/freezer thermometers:  If your fridge has a dial thermostat and you don’t use an infrared thermometer, a refrigerator thermometer can be a low-cost way to reap savings.
  • Water heater blankets:  If you have an older or poorly insulated tank-style water heater, an insulated jacket can reduce heat losses.  But be sure to check safety information to confirm you can use external insulation on your particular model.
  • Solar floodlights:  If you are comfortable using solar security lighting in some areas around your home, then heat or motion-activated solar floodlights can further save on electricity.
  • Energy monitors:  Another type of device than can help you lower energy bills is a check that provides real-time data on electricity use.  Some connect to the meter and track whole-house usage; others plug into an outlet, allowing you to pinpoint “energy hogs.”

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