The Wahl Building circa 1883 Redwood City history 130 years ago

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The Wahl Building circa 1883 Redwood City history 129 years ago

805 Main Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

Hull Brother's Hardware Store circa 1922
Inside of Hull Bros. Hardware in 1922

The Wahl Building circa 1883 Redwood City history 130 years ago. William Wahl who was a German native built the Wahl Building, circa 1883.  The Wahl building housed small businesses on the street level and had professional offices on the second floor.  In 1928 -1931 removal of portions of the building made way for the City of Redwood City to extend Broadway further east of Main Street.

This once two-story brick building has been alter substantially. Lancing, cornices and others ornate features removed in its’ final years.  The brick walls became stucco on the exterior surfaces on both the Main Street and Broadway sides.

I can remember going into Hulls Brother Hardware and seeing textured metal ceiling.  Also remaining was one of the original cast iron pilasters on the façade.

In 1904, brothers Asa and Guy Hull used the Wahl Building as their new store and called it Hull Brothers Hardware Store.  The Hull Brothers Hardware Store carried house wares, paint, oil, tools, and glassware.  In 1923 the Hull Brothers started to sell appliances.  In 1978 the Hull Brothers closed their doors and held the record for being the oldest family owned business in Redwood City.

Afte805 Main St. circa 2012r the closure of Hull Brothers Hardware Store the building remained empty and vacant.  Today stand a brand new structure that houses an off campus site for the University of California system.

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