Get Around Customer Service: Hold Please

Get Around Customer Service: Hold Please

If you have a problem and want to solve it you have to call the company and complain. It’s not fun to do but if you want results you have to take some of the bad to get the good. Most time you get placed in a que and are answers in the order your call “was received”. Want to talk to a “real” person when calling a customer service phone number? Here’s how to Get Around Customer Service: Hold Please.

Get Around Customer Service: Hold Please

It’s so frustrating trying to solve a problem with any company and get looped inside their voice mail hell! The other day I was trying to arrange a doctor appointment with a doctor in a big Medical Corporation. After pushing a button for the language I spoke, push a number if I wanted billing or to make an appointment, then push key for what department, and then I was told my conversation was going to be recorded for quality control, cheerfully I was told the wait time was 17 minutes. I could leave a message if I pushed the # key, which I did and I was disconnected. I can’t put in print what I said. I am sure you get the idea though.

Back to square one. When they answered the phone the same information repeated and the recording for quality control was still a main selling point of their voice message. I decided it would be best to wait the now 18 minutes. Then they started playing this music that made me want to pull my finger nails out with a pair of pliers so my bleeding ears didn’t feel so painful. You would think with all the technology available they could at least give me a choice from Thrash Metal to Sinatra! (I guess the recording of the conversation for quality control is much more important.)

Needless to say this was unacceptable to me so I went surfing on the net. You may find my findings interesting. This is what I found:
1. or list customer service numbers and includes how to bypass those pesky automatic prompts so you can speak to a real person. The time to research the website for the number is less than the 17 minute wait. With I got Kaiser Permanente in 1 minute.

2. makes it so you are not put on hold. You enter data like whom you are trying to call or their phone number and YOUR phone number and hit “start”. What does is connect you to whomever you are trying to call and then allows you to pick an option to get a live representative. You then hang up and you get a call back when a customer representative is actually on the line to talk with you. Pretty cool uh? Now you know how to Get Around Customer Service: Hold Please

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