Do you understand Java vs JavaScript?

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Do you understand Java vs JavaScript?

Homeland Security has issued an alert advising the American public to disable Java on their computers because of a breach in security in Java. The breach can cause hardships in so many ways to your computer, your personal life, and your financial well-being. What has happen however, is most people are confusing Java and JavaScript when they read the Homeland Security alert.  Do you understand Java vs JavaScript? My friend, and smart computer guy Shawn Hall has written an easy to understand explanation of what Java is and how it differs from JavaScript. You may want to read this explanation before disabling JavaScript on your computer.

A number of website run on JavaScript and if you disable it you will basically be out of business. Even Social Networks like FB use JavaScript and will NOT work properly if you disable JavaScript on your computer.

Written by Shawn Hall on January 12, 2013 explaining the question, Redwood City real estate owners do you understand Java vs JavaScript?

Security Breach on Java
Do you understand Java vs JavaScript? Homeland Security alert

“Sigh. I love it when the govt posts alerts like these.

The first and most important thing to understand is that JAVA and JAVASCRIPT are NOT the same thing. They’re completely different technologies – think “horse and seahorse”. DO NOT disable JAVASCRIPT, as that’s required on most sites today. DO disable JAVA if you don’t really need it, or, better yet…

If you don’t need it, REMOVE IT COMPLETELY. Java is the second most exploited software on any OS and is rarely actually necessary for desktop and laptop computers. The exceptions where you’d need it include OpenOffice, certain games (Yahoo Games, Minecraft) and for sites designed back in the 90s (yes, seriously).

If you can’t remove it because you need it for certain software on your computer like OpenOffice – disable it in your browsers. How you do this depends on the browser, but it’s usually under “extensions”. Just disable it. IF you ever actually need it in your browser you can turn it back on.

This is true whether you’re using Windows, Mac or Linux. If you don’t need it, remove it! Even if you think you need it, remove it anyway and see how long you can go before you actually need it again – chances are good you won’t ever notice. If you need it at a future time, you can install it by going directly to”

Shawn is owner of 12 point design in twain harte, ca

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