Real Estate “Bidding Wars” 15-Smart Tactics Towards Success

Real Estate "Bidding Wars" 15-Smart Tactics Towards Success
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Real estate  is In  hot market for SF Bay Homes including Silicon Valley. Today many home buyers are losing out on their offers to buy their new home. This is because they’re pulled into the current “Bidding War” phenomenon.

What’s a bidding war?

It’s common practice, (and looks like it may continue for the foreseeable future). Today’s home buyers are finding themselves up against stiff competition for a home they want to purchase. Not only do they want to purchase a home they learn there are 10 other home buyers with the same idea.

When this happens then the asking price for the home comes into question. Is it listed for sale for below market price? There are a number of buyers so it may be worth more money that stated. When this happens buyers begin to offer more money and better terms to help them achieve their goal. If their offer is accepted then it was the right thing to do. If not, then they will evaluate their offer and have a different perspective on their next offer.

The teacher of experience.

Now the next time they submit an offer they will take other factors into consideration. For example they will look at number of offers for an understanding of activity by home buyers.  What has sold in the neighborhood over the past 30-days to understand the current real estate trends. A good knowledgeable Realtor on their team is a must too for success.

Here’s a Video to watch that will help

Provided here is a short 6 minutes video. This video will explain what I believe are the most important 15-Smart Tactics to use to increase your chances of having your next offer accepted.  By winning the next “Bidding Wars” you are faced with you will realize how helpful that really are to you.  Don’t use the same tactics you have used over and over if you ever want to be the winning offer. Be the new home owner of the home you want to purchase and on do it the first time.

This video’s important content is worth watching if for nothing more than the time and money you’ll save. Watch it and learn the secrets on how successful home-buyers buy their homes in a “Bidding War” or multiple offer situation.



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Real Estate "Bidding Wars" 15-Smart Tactics Towards Success
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Enjoy this video on the Real Estate “Bidding Wars” 15-Smart Tactics Towards Success it will help you save time and money.

You may want to take out a piece of paper and pen and take notes. You will be glad you did.

Real Estate "Bidding Wars" 15-Smart Tactics Towards Success
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