Do You Think Homeowner’s Insurance Is Optional?

Homeowner’s insurance, sometimes called fire insurance, is NOT optional in home purchases. The only exception is if your pay all cash for your home. As a condition for your loan to be funded, your lender’s loan terms states homeowner’s insurance is a condition or they will not lend you the money. And, those insurance premiums do not stop until you pay your mortgage off free and clear. That will be 15-30 years depending on the terms of your mortgage.

Do you think homeowner's insurance is optional?
Insurance is peace of mind. Do You Think Homeowner’s Insurance Is Optional?

What does homeowner’s insurance do for me:

Well actually nothing. However homeowner’s insurance does protects your lender if there is some catastrophe, like a fire. It insures that your mortgage via your collateral will be repaid from your insurance claim proceeds.

Using the insurance proceeds to repair or rebuild your home would be fine too. The bank would be protected with a replacement home for the damaged one.

Homeowner’s insurance also can protect you against loss due to someone being hurt on your property. Your chances of being sued are good, and could lose your home by default.

Mostly though homeowner’s insurance gives most peace of mind. And they gladly pay their premiums.

Homeowner’s Insurance premiums are usually costly. There are a few good way to make sure you save on your monthly insurance payment. I have included 10-Secret Tips on how to do that. Want to know how? Read more…

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Do You Think Homeowner’s Insurance Is Optional?
Do You Think Homeowner’s Insurance Is Optional? Made in USA

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