Did You Know Time Is A Governmental Lie?

Posted on: March 5th, 2020 | By Cliff Keith | Blog |

Did You Know Time Is A Governmental Lie?

The stale hoax about time…

Did You Know Time Is A Governmental Lie?

Here are a couple of site which address the stale hoax about time…  You may want to read them to enlighten your concept about time. It will give you a prospective most will never tell you. Don’t be controlled by the mass media and government who both want you to believe what they tell you. They are wrong, by the way, when it comes to time! If you would like further proof please contact Gabe Gross who is an authority on the subject according to him. Thanks Gabe.

RU Kidding me?

I am not going to remind you about your clocks because it really doesn’t matter. Your clocks only provide a concept you have been trained to believe. It doesn’t exist. Isn’t it reasonable to stop this hoax and throw all our clock out the window? I think you will agree once you read this informative information that my good friend Gabe Gross shared with me in March. I should add this to my newsletter, Cliff’s Notes on real estate…

Here is an explanation by various authorities on time. What? I just said that word again. It doesn’t exist, why do I use this word? I use it almost daily, but why?

Find out why by reading this post. Read more… 

[Tweet “The stale hoax about time.

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The stale hoax about time...the truth. How everyone has been fed a lie all their lives.


Did You Know Time Is A Governmental Lie?

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Did You Know Time Is A Governmental Lie?
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