Don't Leave Money on The Table

Don’t Leave Money on The Table

10 tips to make money
Don’t Leave Money on The Table Cliff’s Notes on real estate… December 2015

In the San Francisco Bay Area it seems anytime is a great time to sell a home. Be sure though you Don’t Leave Money on The Table. Prices keep going up and buyers keep coming to town. When you have 20% of all jobs in America being filled right here between San Francisco and San José there is no wonder buying and selling a home is so crazy.

For a homeowner one of the biggest fears is “Am I selling my home too inexpensive?” It’s a valid question and one ask by many homeowner’s in the process of selling their home.

Nuts and Bolts to selling a home. How to Increase The Selling Price of Your Home

What I have done for homeowners is to give a simple 10 Tip program to make sure you maximize the most profit you can from the sale of your home without emptying your bank accounts.

These 10 easy inexpensive tips are time proven and they work. Making a good impression on home-buyers today in very important. It can mean over $100,000’s to your profit.

Although these 10 tips are easy not everyone will have the time nor the experience to tackle them. That’s where Cliff Keith and Team come into the picture our 40-years of experience, is what  we will share with you and help you do what the requirements are  for your home to make that impression that’ll cause home-buyers to go WOW!

For a complete list of these 10 easy tips that are inexpensive and makes your home look like a million dollars please Read more…


How to Increase The Selling Price of Your Home
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