The Future of Silicon Valley Real Estate

Posted on: June 23rd, 2015 | By Cliff Keith | Blog, Featured Posts |

I pulled out my crystal ball out so I could see the future of Silicon Valley real estate. And, are there any changes coming its way in the near future. After some analysis of MLS data I came to realize 5 basic aspects of Silicon Valley real estate everyone can expect over the next five years.

The future
The Future for Home-buyers Explained in 5-Steps

What are they and what does it mean to you? It depends is the answer as to whether you are a home buyer or home seller. Home buyers are going to pay more for their home year over year at the tune of 18-21% and have a less choice of homes to choose from. On the other hand home sellers are in the driver seat and will be able to sell their homes without too many concessions in both terms of price and terms. For the complete details read more…

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