Many years ago, Atherton was the center of monied and learned culture in the San Francisco area. From this humble beginning Atherton has continued to be a lure for those with the desire to be exclusive and the means to do it. In 2010 Forbes named Atherton as the second wealthiest city in the U.S., with Bloomberg repeating that particular favor the next year.

With a minimum 1 acre lot per property stipulated in the mid 1920’s, the city itself feels like it’s one giant park – which truthfully it almost became, but for the efforts of some locals to incorporate the area to whats now known as Atherton City.

Silicon Valley’s just up the road, and although tech tycoon spotting isn’t an official sport yet, if it was Atherton would be the right place to be to win.

Come on through, check these HUGE mansions out and if it’s your price bracket you owe it to yourself to see how that half really live.

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