Make these 5-mistakes and you’ll lose money

Yes Virginia, money does NOT grow on trees.

Make these 5-mistakes and you’ll lose money every time when you go and sell your home. Many people have pointed these mistakes … Continue reading

Making an absolutely right decision to save money, get inspections

When Selling A Home Here Is Why You Should Order A Home Inspection?   Selling A Home In Redwood City?  

Get A Home InspectionContinue reading

Increase credit score will save you money ~ 10 secrets

Why do you need good credit?

In the United States you can increase your credit score. It will save you money. Most citizens when they  want to borrow money from a … Continue reading

The more dirt you shovel the deeper you get

types of soils

Types of Soils in and Around SF Bay Homes is worth knowing as it will give you insight into what to expect in your new home. This … Continue reading

7 Great secrets on how buying your new home now is a smart move

7-Great reasons why buying a house now is a attractive idea 7 Reasons To Buy A Home Renting is not such a great idea today. If you are renting you … Continue reading

Sound Home Financing Information SF Bay Homes

How to buy a home:

Sound home financing information SF Bay Homes starts with the first step in buying a home; getting a pre-approval letter from an established lender of your … Continue reading

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