The 1st Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621!

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The 1st Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621!

The 1st Thanksgiving Was Celebrated In 1621!. The story of Thanksgiving is taught in school to every child since then.  The first Thanksgiving challenged early Americans and the American Indians. Because of its outcome of this important day it became an important part in our history. Thanksgiving from those early days in Plymouth is a day still enjoyed by all on this thankful Fall day.

What happened?

During the early autumn of 1621, only 53 of the surviving Pilgrims remain from the over 200 who started the first colony, Plymouth. The Pilgrims celebrated their old English custom of acknowledging their successful harvest.  It was not called “Thanksgiving” as we call it today.

During this harvest celebration the great Indian Chief,  Massasoit and 90 of his warriors attended the Pilgrims first Thanksgiving.  The Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans, work together forming a new bond as equals and friends. The celebration by the Pilgrims and Wampanoag’s would be remembered as the “First Thanksgiving in Plymouth.”

Do remember William Bradford?

William Bradford was the Governor of Plymouth the first colony in the new frontier know as King George’s America. Everyone loved their new Country and the religious freedom it provided them. As the colony began to grow all its colonists went about their lives as they saw fit Some farmed, some continued skills they had learned in their early life. And then there were some who believed doing nothing was productive enough. Come harvest time everyone started to realize there wasn’t enough food to survive the winter. The yield produced by those that farmed was low. There was not enough food for everyone.

American Indians to the rescue

Seeing the suffering of the Colonist, Indian Chief,  Massasoit brought 90 of his Braves to the Colonist’s Thanksgiving celebrate with food in hand.  Massasoit was a teacher who showed the Colonists how to grow their plants. He did this with an example of adding fish head under the seed.  Collaboration between the American Indians  and the Colonists provided the opportunity for the success of Plymouth and the establishment of the  beginning of the United States of America.

The Free Enterprise System

William Bradford realized the method of governance used in Plymouth did not work for the best of all.  He proclaimed that in the if the citizens of Plymouth did not produce something to barter or trade with others in the future would not be help by others. Therefore, this was the birth of the “Free Enterprise System” in America’s system is the catalyst for maintaining Democracy.

What US President started the tradition?

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln was the President who began the National tradition of  what’s known today as  Thanksgiving. At a time in history Lincoln was looking for a way to ease the tension between the North and South who were starting what is known as the American Civil War. A sad time in US history

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish you and your family-loved ones the best Thanksgiving ever this year. Being thankful only one day out the year doesn’t seem to be enough. Enjoy!

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