Sunday Open Houses: December 15, 2019

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Sunday Open Houses: December 15, 2019

Sunday Open Houses: December 15, 2019

How to know what to pay for a home can be determine by attending open houses in various communities like Redwood City, Woodside, or San Carlos CA. Viewing what is available for a home buyer in the current real estate market and its inventory provides insight of what most Realtors would use to help place a value on a home. This is done usually by using a estimate of value through a process known as a Comparative Market Analysis, (CMA).  This process relies on homes a home buyer will see on Sunday at the many open houses.

Here’s one place for all the Sunday Open Houses in San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties, including single family residential homes (Class 1) and Condo/town-homes (Class 2). Data for these Sunday open houses are directly from the local MLS, which this site has access to because of being a member.

You now have one place right here to find all the information you’ll need to organize and attend open houses. See only those homes that meet your criteria. No more aimlessly driving around looking at your phone for the next open house. Quickly luxury and water front properties are easy to find. Now only the communities you want to live in such as Redwood City, Woodside, or San Carlos, CA are the homes you preview.

Homes listed here for an open house include all the communities in San Mateo & Santa Clara Counties. Each County is sorted by individual Cities. I have also put them in order by price to make your search easier.

This week’s Sunday Open House Links:

Link for:

 This Sunday’s Open Houses San Mateo County Homes


Link for:

Open Houses FIRST 500 Santa Clara County Homes-1 S.F.H.ONLY

This Sunday’s Open Houses Above 1st 500 homes Santa Clara County Homes S.F.H. ONLY

This Sunday’s Open House Santa Clara County Homes Condo/Townhouses ONLY


 Homes under $750K both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties


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Sunday Open Houses: December 15, 2019

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