Increase your odds so your offer will be accepted at your price

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Free Open Houses

Traditionally, from Thanksgiving Day through Super Bowl Sunday real estate activities slow down by as much as 40% in Silicon Valley!

Increase your odds so your offer will be accepted at your price
Free open houses list

Increase your odds so your offer will be accepted at your price.  Open houses every week requires you to search the internet for all the homes that will be opened. Sometimes the local newspaper has what you need, but who reads a newspaper anymore?  However, this site provides the open houses for this Sunday.  Listed by Cities where you want to search, and many other bits of information that will help you make a good decision on what homes you want to preview. There by not wasting your time looking at homes you don’t like.

Additionally, while on this site you can look at all the real estate resources available on various tips on purchasing a home. This information alone will save you time and more importantly money. The best part is all this is FREE!


Go to website for this week’s open houses


Obviously, we are Realtors looking for new business. We have been selling homes in the SF Bay Homes area over 40 years. Our business style is one considered by most as soft sale. Respecting the intelligence of our clients is a standard of care we operate under, as we understand our clients are smart and able to determine what home best suits their needs. I quit baby-sitting may years ago.

What to do next?

Contact Cliff Keith is what you need to do next! What Cliff Keith and Team offers is the expertise to guide you through the process of buying or selling any home. We assist in advising you on the correct decisions you’ll need to make on experienced mortgage brokers and lenders. What types of loans you may encounter when buying a home? Explaining to you what is an escrow and what it means to you. It goes without saying you’ll need to know who might be a good escrow officer and company that will meet your needs. Which companies can do home inspections on the property you want to purchase.

In conclusion

Increase your odds so your offer will be accepted at your price
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Finally, how to read a property inspection and termite inspection reports so you will understand what the reports are disclosing to you how each item affects you.

There are additional aspects that needs to be address so both home buyers and sellers understand what each report is stating. You can be assured that we will not abandon you throughout this process, instead all you need to do is look next to you and you’ll see we are right there for you.

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To see this week’s homes click the Read more… link. We have included all the homes in San Mateo AND Santa Clara counties. Furthermore, we have singled out just for the people who read this post, homes that are selling only under $700,000!  Read more…


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Increase your odds so your offer will be accepted at your price
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