Where are home prices headed and why?

Posted on: October 14th, 2016 | By Cliff Keith | Friday's Weekly Market Update For Redwood City |

Where are home prices headed and why?
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Home prices for October 14, 2016 indicate homes are headed up.

Save your dollars by reading this powerful information. Knowing what home prices are on the offers others have made on a home will help you. This is a smart use of empirical data.  SF Bay Homes in this post is providing that data by showing the last 7-days activity of various categories within Redwood City real estate. Furthermore, this information will give you the exact numbers for what to expect in 5-major trend areas. Being left out to fend for yourself can cost you time and money. Have a way for an intelligent decision by knowing accurate information when buying a home. This post provides that information to you.

This Week Average Selling Price was $1,435,938


Results for the past seven days of Redwood City real estate market trends are provided below. Compare these trends from the previous week and notice what they were at the start of the current real estate cycle in 2011. Insightful for any home buyers, or homeowners, in Redwood City who are looking for information that will benefit them. Usually, this information is reserved for only a licensed real estate professional. Now you too can know where home prices are headed and why?

As a home-buyer you will know exactly how homes in Redwood City are trending on pricing, DOM, ratio of list price and sale price, and average sale prices.  Most importantly, it helps home buyers when submitting an offer on a home in Redwood City because they will now be submitting an offer from a position of knowledge, and not one of emotion or gut feelings.

What is it going to cost me?

84% of all home buyers in Redwood City last week paid over $1,000,000 to buy their home. Homes for sale, which have a perceived “good value” by today’s home buyers bring strong non-restrictive and open offers. (All cash, As-Is, No Contingencies) This is true for San Mateo County and other SF Bay Homes too, within Silicon Valley.

Redwood City market trends shows continued growth in average sale price, price per sq. ft., LP:SP ratio. Additionally, more homes are selling compared to the new homes coming onto the market for sale.  Read more…

What do I do now?

Knowing what you can and can not do can be a painful experience. Avoid the pain and call Cliff today to find your new home. Here’s a simple

3-Step Process you can follow:

Where are home prices headed and why?
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1.) Pick up your cell phone,

2.) Look up my number (Hint: 650-346-7366)

3.) Call me immediately.


When you follow these 3-Step Process we will discuss the best way we can help you can get the best information you’ll need. Our goal is to help you find your new home as quickly as possible. Additionally, you will receive the highest value possible, for the exact amount of money you want to spend.  Make a smart decision do it now.


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Where are home prices headed and why?
5 Market Trends
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