Market Trends Redwood City real estate May 17, 2013

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Market Trends Redwood City real estate May 17, 2013

Redwood City Market Trends
Market Trends Redwood City real estate May 17, 2013

Home sales and trends in Redwood City this past week has continue in its rote performs we have seen all year. Inventories dropped by 2/3 of last week’s number. SP:LP ratio are up. Homes took 1 days longer to sell and weekly average selling prices poked its’ head over the $1M mark again.

Redwood City homes newly listed for sale; increased to 19 up from last week’s 12 homes. Housing’s months of inventory for home-buyers was down to 7.5 months of inventory. There has been a steady increase of inventories since the middle of March 2013, which favors home buyers with more choices.

The average selling price (ASP) for homes sold has stayed steady hovering around the $1.050M since the end of March. Last week we saw the ASP settle back down to $1,032,922.

The total number of new listings, including transaction falling through (TFT), and back on the market (BOM) homes stood at 20.  While the number of homes with pending sales, or ones who had removed all their contingencies and were ready to close escrow was 18, which is 13 less than last week. Closed escrows homes number was 17, which was 10 more over last week. What is interesting is there were NO short sales or REO’s brought to the market. It seem that segment of the market is drying up. This is because home prices have gone up and home sellers can now sell their homes and pay off their loans with the help of their lenders.

Market Trends Redwood City real estate May 17, 2013

The sale price to list price ratio (SP:LP), spiked up from last week’s to 107.1%. April ended at 106.3%, March ended at 101.3%, February’s ended at 101.3%. January ended at 99.8%, 2012’s highest ratio was 106.2%, November’s ratio was 103.8%, October’s ratio was 101.5%, September’s ratio was 103.0%, Augusts’ ratio was 101.3%, July’s ratio that was 101.5; June’s was 101.6% and May’s 100.5%..

The average number of days for a home to sell in Redwood City started trending back up to 17. Last week’s number was 16 days. The lowest so far this year is 11 days. The beginning of 2013 started out with taking 56 days for a home to sell. Homes are still selling quicker. If you see a home you like today, buy it because it may not be around for you to purchase tomorrow.

Last week the average price per square foot dropped down by $95/sq.ft. for a home to $600; this is down from last week’s year high of $695. 2013 sq. ft. prices were: April; $558, March; $599, February; $571, January; $565.00. 2012 ended at $455.00; In November it was $501, In October it was $515.00. In September that number was $549.00, April that number was $461.00, May’s was $475.00, June’s was $481.00, and July was $509.00, August it was $551.00.

This week’s trends in Redwood City real estate is showing signs of continuing on its’ same path it’s been on all year. There are still some exceptional deals out there for home buyers. Buyers have more selections to choose from and sellers are seeing their home sell quickly. As always, home buyers are looking for value in their purchase along with a home in good condition. Sellers however want the highest price, in the shortest time, with the least hurdles. The age-old axiom of Location, Location, and Location still is running strong in today’s Redwood City real estate market trends.

Market Trends Redwood City real estate May 17, 2013

Equal Housing
Market Trends Redwood City real estate May 17, 2013

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This information for Redwood City is from data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

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